About the Brewer

I was first introduced to real beer on a trip to Dogfish Head brewing back in 2005. Prior to this trip I had been a regular cheap beer drinker. It was about quantity not quality. The trip to DFH changed all that. Soon there after, my lovely wife said I should try making my own. Little did she know that it would turn into an obsession and hopefully soon, a career.

I brew whenever and wherever possible. I love everything about the process. Hell, I even enjoy the cleaning and sanitizing. Everything about beer and the process of making it fascinates me. I've covered pretty much every style at this point. Its been almost 8 years now. Unlike most "hobbies" in the past, my love for brewing grows by the batch. Im always looking to educate myself through books and other brewers. There is no shortage of talented ones in the area of the Delmarva Peninsula.

Please leave comments, share with friends, and start a batch yourself. CHEERS!

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