New Job

I apologize for the lack of activity lately on the blog. I have been fortunate enough to be hired as the new Head brewer at a local brewery here in the area (Tall Tales Brewing Company). Most my "free time" lately has been spent in the brewery learning the ins and outs. I'm lucky in that there is a very good and experienced brewer showing me the ropes for the first few weeks. Then it will be me and my assistant. We did our first brew yesterday. An Irish Red. Everything went pretty well. Some tweaks need to be made to the system. Some minor mechanical things need to be addressed as well. For my part, I have a lot of learning to do in a short time. Mainly on the cleaning and sanitizing side of things. The brewing aspect I seem to be grasping pretty quickly. But cleaning is my number one job for now. Getting everything to a place I like it. Continuing to reorganize the brewery in a way that flows for me. Yesterday was a 14 hour day, but I would go do it again right now.

Professional brewing is definitely a much different animal than home brewing. But so far I love it. Its exhausting right now and the hours are long. But its incredible. Don't worry either, I'm not done with homebrewing. Not by any stretch of the imagination. If anything I think the two will compliment each other very well. So, to summarize: New job as Head Brewer at Tall Tales brewing Company, but will continue home brewing as well. Exciting times my friends. Exciting times. CHEERS!

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