Black RyePA Review

Sorry for the poor picture quality. But this beer is incredible! Best thing that's come out of the brewery to date. Can't wait to get this to come folks. The hops come through nicely. But for those that prefer a porter to an IPA, you're going to like it as well. The roasty character perfectly balances out the hops. We are in love with this beer. And at 7.7%, it warms you up quickly on these cold days. CHEERS!

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

Well, not that far really. It's Maryland. So we are back. I apologize for taking a break from the blog but we have been hard at work in the brewery and with the business planning. Some weeks ago now we brewed the second version of our Galaxy IPA. Everything was the same as the recipe listed here on the blog except that we backed off the dry hopping just a bit. We went with 1 ounce of Galaxy hops this time. We kegged this brew this past Monday. After a week in the keg, it has really turned into an easy drinking beer. The grapefruit aroma that the Galaxy put off comes through nicely. Not nearly as much as the last batch we did. But this beer lends itself to the newer craft beer drinker. The hoppiness is not so over the top. I do think that next time we will bump up to 2 ounces. I'm very happy with this beer, but you can always be happier. :)

About 2 or 3 weeks ago we brewed the second coming of the Black RyePA. It was just a 5 gallon batch this time. Brew day was fun as always. Uneventful except for a minor grain spill. Not enough to worry about though. We had a nice long fermentation with this one. It tastes incredible. A bit of roastiness to it that blends very well with the hops. Its got great body and is very smooth. Very proud of this beer. The recipe can also be found in the recipe section of this blog.

Current Brew Status:
Kegs: Galaxy IPA, Milk Stout, Black RyePA
Bottles: ZaPorter part deux, American Pale Ale
Galaxy IPA 6.7%abv
Black RyePA 7.7%abv

There are pictures at the bottom of the Galaxy IPA and the not yet kegged Black RyePA. All other pictures are of the RyePA. As you can imagine, we are very happy with the current beer situation. There is also some more potentially exciting news. Will know more after today and will report back. Also, I was lucky enough to attend a great recipe building class at Xtreme Brewings Laurel, De location this past Saturday. The class was taught by John P from 3rd Wave Brewing. It was a full house. Looking forward to the next one. Hope all is well with all of our friends out there. Leave a comment and share with a friend. CHEERS!