Galaxy IPA Day

Yesterday was another brew day at the Crooked Oak facility. This time we got to brew on a very nice Blichmann burner. This thing was great. Very nice even flame that heats the entire bottom surface of the kettle. A faster and more effect heating experience. Thanks to our friend Gary for the loaner. The brew day itself went off without any issues. Started around 9:30 to 10am this time around. Believe flame out was around 2:30 or so. Time flies when you're drinking and making good beer. OG was 1.062. The recipe is already listed under the recipe tab. That was for a 5 gallon batch so just double the amounts. I did however up the hops just a bit. Went with a few more ounces of Galaxy for the dry hop. Pictures are below. The final picture was this same brew last spring. This one should come out just about the same. We added just a touch more grain in hopes of bumping the abv up just slightly. Cant wait for this to be done. Galaxy hops are incredible. The taste and aroma are second to none in my opinion.

We are taking this weekend off and then right back to it the following weekend with the second coming of our black RyePA. Another favorite of ours.

Next step in our brewery startup should be complete this week. Will keep you up to date as things happen. CHEERS!

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