Exciting Developments and a Big Thank You

Things are happening right now. I don't want to jump the gun so I wont say exactly what they are. But some smaller aspects will be happening as early as tonight. I will update as things occur. Stay tuned friends. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting the blog and being overall supportive. The craft brewing community in unbelievable. I've never owned a business and therefore have not dealt with people on that level in other fields. But I have heard the stories of kindness and generosity from brewery owners, brewers, etc.. There is no other community like it. And I am happy to be a part of it. Learning everyday from so many others. Always learning.

The biggest thank yous go out to my beautiful wife and Doug Griffin of Xtreme Brewing. My wife is the reason I brew. Brewing was her idea. She thought I should give it a try. I don't think she knew, and I certainly didn't, that it would turn into what it has. But she has been supportive in every aspect from day one. And she has kept me level headed those times that I dropped a foreign object in fresh wort or blew lids of fermenters. She didn't kick my arse when my double chocolate stout hit the ceiling of the dining room during a vigorous fermentation. If not for her I would have given up after a bad batch years ago.

Doug Griffin is the mad scientist behind so many home brewing addictions. The man makes incredible beer and is an encyclopedia of knowledge. The author of The Complete Joy of Homebrewing coined the now popular saying, Relax, Don't worry have a homebrew. They are perfect words to lice by and I have learned to finally do so. But my favorite brewing related phrase comes from Doug. And I cant tell you how many times I've heard it now. Now matter the problem, now matter how screwed you might think your latest batch is, you are guaranteed these priceless words of wisdom. "Don't worry, its just beer". My wife is the reason I got into brewing, but Doug and his beautiful wife Patty are the ones that made me fall in love with it. Can't thank them and the incredible staff of Xtreme Brewing enough. I will always be grateful.

There is no telling where this latest adventure will take Atomic Donkey Brewing. We are happy as can be with how things are right now. Always having fun and loving what we do. But a new adventure is very welcome and we cannot wait to see where this goes. CHEERS Friends!

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