Seeing Red

Wet, cold, and windy. That was the scene this weekend. Not in Ireland, but in Allen. Seemed only fitting that we were brewing our Irish Red. This was the same recipe we used several years ago. We tweaked it a bit last time, but we were not as happy with the results. So it was back to the original that we loved so much. No real issues, although we did have one incident. This time we were brewing back at Atomic Donkey. All our equipment is over at Crooked Oak so we went old school and used a single burner. Only thing was, this burner had a timer on it and only went up to 20 mins. So we had to keep turning the timer. We'll, we forgot to do this one time so the flame was out for about 5 mins. No problem though. Turned it back on and we were up and boiling in no time. This was just a quick 5 gallon batch. I had a 1pm appointment with my boy and the Eagles game. Thank god the brewing went well because the game did not.

The one big change from the last recipe was the amount of honey we added. The last version of this brew was far too sweet in my opinion. I will have the recipe posted tonight or tomorrow along with pictures. We are also adding our vanilla and hazelnut to the ZaPorter tonight and will be bottling tonight or tomorrow night. Just depends on what the kids sleeping patterns will allow us to do. Whatever happens, there will be pictures. :) CHEERS!