New Blog and Yeast Update

I was recently lucky enough to be one of the first guests on a new podcast called Beer With Strangers. You can find a link to the interview on Tonys homepage, The State of the Beer. Give it a listen then follow Tonys Blog and leave some comments. There is nothing more rewarding than getting feedback via comments on your blog.

The interview was a lot of fun. Doug(Xtreme Brewing) and I had a good time and even had a bit of my homebrew. I look forward to seeing and hearing what Tony does in the future. He has a knack for this interviewing thing and social media. Keep checking back my friends. It's going to be good.

I included some pictures below of the yeast we gathered from our Porter last week. We have 3 large jars and one smaller one full of these little miracles. Also, there is a picture of our Imperial Pilsner. The 9.4% nectar has really cleared up and is tasting more and more delicious. Wish everyone could try it. Soon my friends, soon. CHEERS!