Keeping Those Yeast Clean

Last night we moved our ZaPorter Part Deux to its secondary resting spot. It will remain there with some hazelnut, vanilla, and espresso added, for another week before going into bottles. This time around we decided that instead of dumping all our trub and yeast, we would capture those yeast and store them away for future batches. It really is a simple process. I took some photos showing the steps.

1. Boil all your mason jars and lids for approx. 20 minutes.
2. Using tongs, remove the jars with the water still inside.
3. Store the water with lids on in the fridge overnight.
4. Transfer the beer into your secondary, bottles, kegs, etc..
5. Dump the water from the mason jars into the bucket and give it a good swirl or two.
6. Let it sit for 20 mins to allow the yeast to become suspended and the trub to fall out of suspension. You should see an obvious line of separation. See pictures below.
7. Carefully dump the watery part from the ferementor into the biggest jar leaving the solids behind in the ferementor.
8. Let it settle again for approx. 20 mins.
9. Then dump into smaller jars. Again, leaving solids behind.
10. Label and store away in a fridge. When ready to use just create a starter and dump the jar into it. Give it 24-36 hours and then pitch into your wort.

I'm not sure why we have not done this up until now. It is a very simple money saving technique to use. It also opens up the creative doors a bit more. The one thing I would change is I would have a large jar to dump the initial liquid into from the ferementor. We didn't have a jar large enough so we had to use 3.5. Everything worked out fine. Just a bit more of a pain. Here is a link to a longer more detailed write up.