It's Back!! Donkey Milk!

After a long absence from the brewery the famous Atomic Donkey Milk Stout has returned. Just a week or so after brewing our Atomically Red Irish Ale we once again revisited an old classic recipe. The Milk Stout was easily one of our most requested brews and also a house favorite. We went with the exact recipe as the first time (see new recipe tab). Only thing we did differently was use 2 yeast strains. Not expecting a big difference in taste. But we love to experiment here at AD Brewing so we said why the hell not. We went with 1 US-05 dry and then we used the us-04 that we harvested from out porter a few weeks back. The liquid yeast was added 2 days after the dry pack. The fermentation was slow and steady at first. Once we added the harvested yeast the bubbling really took off. Within 2 hours of pitching it, there was very steady action. We almost added a blow off tube but we were able to burp the fermenter enough that it wasn't necessary.

Our SG came in right on the nose at 1.064. Just like the original. We were very excited to see that. The next gravity check will be sometime Saturday. We will update the blog asap. Also, we will be doing perhaps our final gravity check on the Irish Red tonight. If all goes well, we will be kegging later this evening. The ZaPorter has been in bottles for about a week now. Another week and they should be ready to go as well. Lots of beer related fun going on at the brewery right now. Good times are being had by all. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has an even better New Years in store. CHEERS!!

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