All Bottled Up

Every time we sit down and fill bottles for an hour, and then cap, and then clean, and then move to storage, we are reminded why we love kegging so much. But this was a special situation. This is the second round of Atomic Donkey Brewing's ZaPorter. Only difference this time was that we went with coffee from a local shop in downtown Salisbury. Main Roots coffee is still pretty new in the area and they make the finest coffee hands down. Great owners and great clientele.

One other minor difference was the amount of hazelnut we added to this batch. It was the only thing we would have changed about the last batch. Wanted the hazelnut to come through a bit more. I'm very confident that we achieved it this go round. Ended up with 60 bottles this time. Only a few spills while bottling. That's a hell of a victory for this brewer. Of course the trigger on the bottling wand got stuck once. Looked like someone had been stabbed and bled porter all over the brewery floor. Perhaps we lost a brew or two. Again, it happens.

The entire operation took maybe 2 hours from sanitizing to clean up. Not bad, but kegging is so much better. That or we need to go automated. CHEERS!!

111 W Main St, Salisbury, MD
(443) 944-9789