ZaPorter part deux

This past Friday I happened to be off of work (sick child) and it was a rather nice day. So what better to do than brew? And what better to brew than the next batch of Atomic Donkeys ZaPorter? We have had many requests for our Vanilla bean, Hazelnut, Espresso Porter and so we decided it was time. This was only a 5 gallon batch so it was not that long of a day. We started around 11 and were all cleaned up by 4. We were joined in the middle of the session by the owner of Crooked Oak Brewing along with some other friends. Everything went according to plan.

Original Gravity: 1.055
Target Final Gravity: 1.014

The last time we brewed this it was mainly to be enjoyed by others. We saw very little of it stay at the brewery. This time around the goal is to keep half in house and the rest to go to those that want it. As much as we love our creations, it's even more rewarding to watch others enjoy it.

For more information on this brew please see the previous write up on ZaPorter. CHEERS!