Kegged Pils and IPA in Waiting

So we finally had a chance to get our Imperial Pilsner into kegs the other night. The final abv came in at 9.4%. Its bit higher than we thought it would be, but the taste is great so we are happy. Had two last night and wow. Don't need many more than that. If you want to be standing upright that is. Meanwhile, the poor Homegrown IPA 10 gallon batch we brewed sometime ago is still in buckets. The goal is to bottle them before the week is out. The thought of bottling 100+ brews makes me tired. But we will get it done and it will be another great Atomic Donkey Brew. So we will get it done and we will be sipping on our Imperial Pils while we do it. I will have pictures up of the pilsner and bottling fun with the IPA. Stay tuned. CHEERS!