A little update on our Imperial Pilsner. We dropped the temp down to a chilly 30 degrees F about a week ago now. We will be transferring to the secondary on Thursday evening and then returning it to its cold slumber until sometime in late November/early December. Also, we will be assisting Crooked Oak Brewery this weekend with a 20 gallon pumpkin brew and also hope to brew our entirely homegrown IPA.

Lots to do lots of brew. Cheers!

Anyone catch that title? Know where it comes from? Some 90's trivia for you. Anyways, we wanted to do quick update on this seasons hops. We did a big harvest this past weekend and ended up with several pounds each of Chinook, Cascade, and Willamette. You can see some of them in the pictures below. All have been dried and are now packed away. We will be using a large amount this weekend in our Homegrown IPA. Pictures, updates, and recipe to come. CHEERS!!