Hello friends! As usual it's been way too long. We have missed each and everyone of you. We have also been missing our brew days. Outside forces had forced a temporary slow down on our brewing. A Priest, Shaman, Rabbi, Ayatollah, and many other religious figures later and we are ok to go(Atomic Donkey Brewing apologizes if any religious figures were excluded from this post).

The beer of choice this go round was an American Pale Ale. "American pale ales come from British origins and its cousin, the English Pale Ale. In general, this style is going to be a very balanced style, resulting in a not too hoppy, not too malty taste. This equilibrium is in large part a function of the ingredients. When craft brewing started to gain some ground on the West Coast, brewers wanted to give the public something that they enjoyed. They decided to turn to British Ales, but could not afford to ship the ingredients from Britain. Thus American ingredients are used to replicate the classic English Pale Ale." Thank you

With the help of Crooked Oak Brewing we doubled our normal batch size and split between breweries. Each brewery will choose a different hop to use for the dry hopping process. We will get together sometime after and decide which one we like best and stick with it for future APA's. If anyone would like to chime in with some suggestions, please do. Lets make this a true community beer. We used 3 ounces of our homegrown cascades for the first hop addition. After that we went with the pellet form. in the past we have had many stopped up kettles. So this time we stuffed those bad boys in a hop sock as you can see below in the photo.

So far the brew is looking good. Its resting at a comfy 70 degrees in the fermentation chamber at Atomic Donkey Brewing. We will take a look at the activity when we return to the brewery this evening around 6.

In other exciting brewing news. Atomic Donkey Brewing's ZaPorter was featured in 2 separate pod casts for Zapow Art Gallery in Asheville, NC. We cannot thank the management of Zapow enough for the great opportunity. I believe the podcasts are available on the website. We would be under the most recent addition of Illustrations and a Beer as well as Figures Sold Separately. Give it a listen when you get a chance. Very interesting interview and content. We know you will enjoy it. And to the owners and management of Zapow, more beer coming your way very soon.

Keep up with every little detail of Atomic Donkey Brewing through our Facebook page and @needsit on Twitter. CHEERS!