The White Donkey

Memorial Day weekend we were yet again lucky enough to brew on the Crooked Oak property. The goal this time was a simple classic Weissbier (Hefeweizen). Weissbier literally means “white beer" due to the whitish color produced by the pale malted wheat. The common North American name for this style is Hefeweizen which means "yeast wheat". This style is generally unfiltered and therefore has a hazy look to it caused by the yeast remaining in suspension. Hence the name "yeast wheat". There are numerous variations of this style. From darker (Dunkelweizen) to the filtered a crystal clear looking "Kristallweizen". All variations share a common thread in their unique taste. That was a very brief history of a style that's been around for a long time.

What stared as just another brew day quickly turned into a get together with some good folks. Lots of good brew and good food. Mrs. Crooked Oak Brewery was kind enough to prepare some delicious food for everyone that attended. So while the mashing and boiling process were taking place, we enjoyed a gorgeous Memorial Day. One of the attendees also happen to be a Marine. Seemed appropriate. We all said our thanks and shook his hand. And thank you to all the others out there that have served proudly in the military. Also, thank you to their families. They make many sacrifices as well.

The Hefeweizen hit all the marks. Upon returning to Atomic Donkey Brewery with the fermenter in tow, we added our yeast. We produced a starter for this batch. To say that it started quickly and vigorously would be an understatement. Within 2 hours of dumping the starter in we had a very active fermentation. Within 3 hours we were forced to replace the airlock with a blow off tube. Even with the blow off tube we still had a mess to clean up. The jug that the tube was routed to filled up quickly and flowed forth onto the floor. Of course this is a sign of great activity so the clean up was a minor inconvenience.

The started was a half gallon. It had been fermenting for approx. 27 hours when we added it to the brew. The gravity reading will be taken today. This is going to be a great summer time brew. The Hoppy as Hell IPA will be bottled as early as tomorrow and no later than Wednesday. It all depends on the taste of the samples we pull tonight.
I imagine it's pretty close to being ready for bottles. We may keg it, haven't decided yet.

Hope you all had a very nice Memorial Day weekend and have enjoyed life since the last time we posted. To you all the brave men and women who have served and are still serving in our armed forces; especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. You may not be here with us, but your memories always will be. CHEERS to you all!