Some Catching Up

Please forgive me for the time in between posts, but things have been busy around the brewery these days. From printing labels to redesigning our layout. And of course, brewing. Atomic Donkey was the feature brewery at a party two weeks ago. The party was at the Crooked Oak Brewery location. It was a celebration for a young graduate. Although he was not old enough to partake in the libations, plenty of others were. The beer we served was the new Hoppy as Hell. It went over very well. We were not left with much when the party was over. That's what we like to see. It's always nice to hear positive feedback on a brew that truly is your own. From recipe creation to the actual finished product. This was an experiment that went very well. I've got just a few pictures from before the party started. I was too busy talking beer to take any more.

Atomic Donkey has have been asked to supply some beverages for an upcoming wedding. We of course said yes. Looks like it will be a porter and possibly an IPA. Our Hefe is just in bottles and will not be ready in time. We will fill in the detail blanks as the date gets closer.

The hops are coming in fast. As of a few days ago we have fully formed cones. The 1st years are doing very well. Obviously they will not reach the height or production of the 4th years, but we will have some strong plants in the near future. We threw some fresh homemade compost on them yesterday to help them along. There was a scare a few days ago when some storms rolled through with 70mph winds. Some of the poles came close to going over but managed to hold on. We have now braced them in case of any future challenges Mother Nature may throw at us.

We hope you all have been well. Enjoying life and a few good brews. It's summertime so that means we will have a pilsner brewed up very soon. Perhaps in the next two weeks. And while it sits and conditions, we will be brewing up another porter and our famous Ryed Donkey Ryed Black IPA. Plenty more on the horizon my friends. Enjoy the week ahead. CHEERS!