My Hops Bring All the Beer Drinkers to the Yard

Trellis is up and the Cascades and Willamette are coming in fast. We have just planted Chinooks and N. Brewers. They would have been in the ground sooner but there was a mix up at the USPS. was beyond great throughout the ordeal. Sent me a new order at no extra charge. We cannot recommend them enough.

Apologize for the grass not being cut. The mower is down and out at the moment. There are now 9 plants in the ground. As soon as the new rhizomes sprout we will be putting up 2 more trellises.

Hip Hop the Hippie the Hippie / To the Hip Hip Hops

It’s that time of year again and the hops are coming up fast. Up until maybe a week ago it had been a much cooler than average Spring. The hops are playing catch up, and they are playing it well. We are adding some new varieties this year. We will now be growing Cascades, Willamette, Chinook, and Northern Brewer. I've posted a pic from yesterday and today. In just that short period they have grown about a foot. It’s going to be a great season! CHEERS!


While we were away at The Masters this week the blog crossed the 20,000 view line. We want to thank everyone who has come to the blog to see what we are up to at Atomic Donkey Brewing. It means a lot to us that people read or take a look at the thing that we are so passionate about. We will keep updating as the brewing progresses. There is some exciting news from this past weekend as well as some more news about upcoming events. A post will follow sometime this week outlining the latest happenings.

Thank you again to everyone that is tagging along on this journey with us. Stay tuned, it’s all uphill from here. CHEERS!

Birth of a Label

Obviously we cannot be in the mind of someone as talented as James. But what we decided to do was share with you the progression from his first drawing to the finished label. I wish I had a spec of the talent he does.

As usual, Mr. James Ball comes up with something incredible. This is for our Zapow brew. The Hazelnut, Vanilla, Espresso Porter. We will be printing these off tomorrow and have them on bottles this weekend.

Feel free to drop him a message. Amazing artist..!/darkergreen?__user=40505797

The Yohimbe Search Continues

So the problem of getting the yohimbe to break down still persists. I am now in the process of ordering a liquid extract. I am looking for the purest form I can find. I do not want any chemical stimulants besides the yohimbe. I want this brew to be delicious and exciting, but more importantly it needs to be safe. So while I search the stores and interwebs for the perfect extract, feel free to make some suggestions. I plan to bottle the porter in the next week to two weeks max. The search will conclude asap. And we will have in our hands the perfect match for this delicious porter.

As soon as we find what we are looking for, we will let you know. Till then, CHEERS from Atomic Donkey Brewing..