Wantin Some "AvLov"

It’s a clear day, the temperature is a very nice 64 degrees, and things just seem to be right with the world. Only one thing could make this great day even better. That would be brewing up a delicious smooth porter that will soon become known as AvLov.

The brewing of the porter was simple. Nothing too fancy. Everything went off without a hitch. We started around 1pm and were all done and cleaned up by 6. The OG measured a nice 1.069. After we aerated for 10 minutes or so we pitched our yeast. When I woke up bright and early at 6 am the airlock was going strong. As of today there is still some activity in the airlock. We will be testing the gravity tonight to see how everything is going.

We have been experimenting with different ways to break down the yohimbe powder. Through these tests we have found it is not water soluble. So we have poured some fine vodka over it and will see where it stands when we return to the brewery this evening. The actually taking of the yohimbe has gone well. We have tried it a few times with no incidence of ill effects. We have drunk a few beers on top of it and again, no nasty effects, just a nice feeling. Can’t wait to get this into the brew and give it a try. We will be updating everyone as time progresses.

Recipe for porter will follow sometime this evening. CHEERS!

Yohimbe Test #1

So the initial test went well. We mixed the Yohimbe with a Sierra Nevada Porter. The taste of the Yohimbe was almost completely masked by the robustness of the porter. This is very promising as the taste of Yohimbe is less than desirable. The only side effect I noticed was a lack of the "coming down" or sobering up feeling. I can see why it is used as an antidepressant.

I am trying again tonight with a slightly larger amount. I will keep you posted. CHEERS!