Donkey Milk Stout

We woke up Sunday morning with quite the pounding going on in our heads. Saturday night turned into one of those nights you don't have too often. There was fine tequila and bourbon involved as well as a good amount of Southern Tier. So we stumbled around for a while trying to get equipment cleaned and sanitized. Had to take about a 30 minute break to sit down and shoot some strong coffee into our brains. After this, we were ready brew Donkey Milk Stout part 2.

With the equipment ready to go and our brains firing on almost all cylinders, we began. Only issue we had was a bit lower mash temp than planned. So to counter this we increased our mash time from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. This apparently work as our gravity was dead on (1.064). I was expecting a bit of a drop off due to the low temp but it did not happen.

Things went very well. And I'm glad they did. I don't know that our brains would have been able to compensate very well had there been a big problem. Do not have one of those once a year nights before a brew day. Lesson learned. CHEERS!

P.S. Recipe post to follow within minutes.