One Nutty Ass

It's finally done! Our Vanilla Bean, Hazelnut, Espresso Porter is in bottles and carbing. The extract took some time to complete but it was worth the wait. We shall see how the brew comes out. We didn’t want to make the hazelnut flavor to overpowering. We were going for a nice mix of coffee and hazelnut with just a touch of vanilla to take the bitterness down a notch. We will open one in about 2 weeks to see where it stands.

This brew allowed us to educate ourselves on several different levels. It's been a fun experience. Can not wait to see how it came out. Smells delicious and looks even better. This weekend we will finally get the Donkey Milk Stout part two done. The holidays have not allowed us as much free time as we would like.

We are still working out the recipe for the AVLov3. This one will be like nothing we have every attempted before so we don’t want to rush into it. Also, research continues on our big project and will continue until it is done.. More news to come when the time is right.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and is gearing up for the next holiday. Take it easy and if you start to feel the urge to hit someone because they got to a $5 off sale before you did, relax and have a homebrew. CHEERS!!