Atomically Red Irish Ale part 3

So we have just brewed the third coming of the Atomically Red Irish Ale. We are tweaking the recipe just a bit from last time. Bumped the alcohol up just a bit and used a little more honey. OG came in at 1.076. Markedly higher than the first two batches. Everything went very well. No hiccups to speak of. Added another 1.5lbs of 2 row (UK) and an extra .5lbs crystal 60. We are in the process of trying to perfect 4 different recipes for reasons which we will cover in a future posting. Exciting times here to be sure.

The brews we are working on are a Scotch Ale, Irish Red, Stout, and an IPA. The Milk Stout we will brew this weekend is a twist on our Donkey Milk Stout which proved to be very popular. Not sure which day we will be brewing. We will be sure to post updates on our facebook page. Please stop by and "like” us. Pictures from brew day and updates are posted as we brew.

Lots of reading and research going on these days. Stay tuned as this journey that started almost 5 years ago begins to transform. CHEERS!

UPDATE! 11/15/12: Gravity checked in at 1.010 last night. That puts the abv at 8.63%. We got that bump up we were hoping for. Tastes very smooth. Malty with a little hop bitterness. Can’t wait to get this thing kegged in a few weeks. CHEERS!

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