Good Beer Festival 2012

That’s right people. Its time for the 3rd annual Good Beer Festival. As some of you know already, this year we will be holding the first annual Good Beer Home Brew Competition on Sunday. Due to the short notice there were approx 40 entries. Not bad for 2 months heads up. Next year that number will surely increase. Judging is set to begin around noon on Sunday with results being announced around 5 to 5:30. Everything is very fluid being as this is the first stab at this. Atomic Donkey will not be competing in the contest due to no brew being ready. This will also change next year.

Keep your fingers crossed for a smooth competition. If you are looking for a lot of fun this weekend come on out to the festival. Saturday is a lot busier than Sunday but there are also more breweries present. Both days are a blast. Hope to see you all there. CHEERS!