Alba Gu Brath

So as you might have guessed by the picture, this past weekend we ventured into the world of Scottish Brews. One of the few styles we here at Atomic Donkey have not brewed. A nice Scotch Ale. We went with a basic recipe which I will post later this evening. The entire process went off without a hitch. In fact, it went so well that we became worried that we had missed something. No worries, we didn’t.

Pitched the yeast starter Sunday evening and by the next morning it was going strong. By Monday afternoon we were close to a blow out. Managed to keep it under control though with just a little spill over. We have had far worse.

OG checked in at a somewhat higher than expected 1.054. We are perfectly fine with this. We will check it tonight to see how everything is going. All in all it was a great brew day and a fun recipe to take on.

The Hazelnut, vanilla bean, espresso porter is coming along very nicely. We will be adding the hazelnut/vanilla bean extract in the coming days. After that, it’s all a matter of time. We are also waiting on our shipment of Yohimbe. It should be here very soon. Then we will work out the recipe and start the process of creating this very unique brew. Can not wait for this one.

Hope you are all well. CHEERS!

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