1 Brew, 2 Brew, 3 Brew, New Brew

Atomic Donkey Brewing currently has 3 brews in different stages of fermentation. A Chocolate Stout that will not leave the brewery. Finally one for the staff. The Porter that did not go so well and turned into a fun experiment that will hopefully turn out nicely. And now the Hazelnut/Vanilla Espresso Porter which we nailed this time around. Yes, we've decided to throw in some vanilla bean as well.

There were no screw ups with the Porter this time. No stuck sparges. Just a delicious smelling porter with an OG of 1.063. Exactly what we were shooting for. I even had some help from my future brew master who is currently 4 years old. He pitched the little yeasties and swears he saw them swimming around and eating. Who was I to argue. I have terrible eyes. We put a blow off tube on this brew. Pitched a fair amount of yeast and I am fully expecting very vigorous fermentation.

So there are now 3 brews in our fermentation chamber. I know there have not been a lot of posts but things have been moving right along. A lot of research is going into this next brew. We mentioned it in the last post. The Yohimbe Brew. We want to get this one right. And being as its something completely new to us, we want to make sure we handle it correctly.

We hope everyone is well out there. Fall is here which for us at Atomic Donkey means more brewing. Can't wait to see what the season brings. CHEERS!