Weekend Brews

This Friday we will be brewing our chocolate stout. Just a basic delicious stout. The kind that makes you crave more and more. But before we can brew I will have to find a baby sitter. A brew sitter if you will. The search is on-going.

Sunday I hope to brew the Hazelnut Espresso Porter. We have ordered a false bottom and can not brew the Porter until its arrival. Keep your fingers crossed that the day is Friday or Saturday.

Tonight we will be cracking open one of the Black Betty Oaked Bourbon Porters to see how far along they are. Also, we will be popping the top off one of the Socratic Method Imperial Pilsners. We make it a point to never open more than 2 of the beers that we are shipping out to customers. It is something we honestly need to do to check the quality of the product. Plus it's exciting to try something you know is going to be great. And this pilsner is truly going to be impressive. I've never had an imperial pilsner that was this smooth. Get ready Mystery School Records crew, this one will sit you down!

I will have pictures up of the samples tomorrow or even tonight. We once again have a working laptop!! Take care my friends. CHEERS!

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