Black Betty in a Bottle and More

I wanted to post a few pictures. First one is Black Betty. The sample you see is obviously not carbonated yet. It's got a great taste. Both the oak and bourbon (Bookers) come through cleanly. A month or two in bottles should mellow the oak just a bit. We are really excited about this beer.. It's all in bottles sitting in the dining room. Come on time, HURRY UP!!

There are two pictures from the crawfish boil back home in North Carolina. This party was being thrown by a member of the Atomic Donkey family. Look in the background and you might notice a very nice banner. Thanks again Ryan for all the swag! Word has it that the pilsner and IPA were both a hit.

The other picture is of one of the young workers at the brewery helping me pick some Cascades. He is a hard worker but gets easily distracted by things like bugs, a tree, anything that moves, etc..

Hope everyone is well. CHEERS from Atomic Donkey Brewing..

P.S. Good Beer Festival home brew competition is a go!! Waiting on word from the bjcp folks but it appears as thought the contest WILL be certified.