"All we are is dust in the wind, dude." Socrates in Bottles.

Last Saturday night we finally got the Socratic Method Imperial Pilsner into bottles. This brew is crystal clear and tasty. It’s a lite beer but the 9.3% sneaks up on you. I had half a pint that was left behind. Tasted damn good.. This one will go over well with the Mystery School Records people. Next up is the label design. I know its going to come out better than we can imagine. They always do.

Word from the party we brewed the orange hefe for is that everyone loved it and they are all gone. That’s the best we can hope for. Maybe some of them will end up coming to the site and checking out what else is going on.

Speaking of other goings on, this weekend we will be brewing the Hazelnut Espresso Porter and a nice Stout. The stout is for personal consumption and the porter is for a friend and owner of Zapow in beautiful Asheville, NC.