New Email Address

I wanted to pass along some new contact information. You can now reach us with any questions or comments at


Our new false bottom should be arriving at the brewery today. We have put off the brewing of the hazelnut espresso porter till it arrives. We will be getting it brewed this weekend for sure.

Also, if you look at our upcoming brews section you see mention of a really exciting creation. I don’t want to give away any details just yet. I will just say that this beer will be very EXCITING! Hope everyone is well. Look forward to sharing these next two experiences with you. CHEERS!

The Doc Party

You may recognize the lovely Mrs. Roberts from a previous wedding post

The One and Only Doc Weatherly

The lovely Mrs. Weatherly on the left and a lovely mystery woman on the right

Mr. Hall and Family

The Legend

Looks like it was a great time. I wish I could have been there. Congratulations Mike. Proud to know you my friend.

Weekend Brews

This Friday we will be brewing our chocolate stout. Just a basic delicious stout. The kind that makes you crave more and more. But before we can brew I will have to find a baby sitter. A brew sitter if you will. The search is on-going.

Sunday I hope to brew the Hazelnut Espresso Porter. We have ordered a false bottom and can not brew the Porter until its arrival. Keep your fingers crossed that the day is Friday or Saturday.

Tonight we will be cracking open one of the Black Betty Oaked Bourbon Porters to see how far along they are. Also, we will be popping the top off one of the Socratic Method Imperial Pilsners. We make it a point to never open more than 2 of the beers that we are shipping out to customers. It is something we honestly need to do to check the quality of the product. Plus it's exciting to try something you know is going to be great. And this pilsner is truly going to be impressive. I've never had an imperial pilsner that was this smooth. Get ready Mystery School Records crew, this one will sit you down!

I will have pictures up of the samples tomorrow or even tonight. We once again have a working laptop!! Take care my friends. CHEERS!

"All we are is dust in the wind, dude." Socrates in Bottles.

Last Saturday night we finally got the Socratic Method Imperial Pilsner into bottles. This brew is crystal clear and tasty. It’s a lite beer but the 9.3% sneaks up on you. I had half a pint that was left behind. Tasted damn good.. This one will go over well with the Mystery School Records people. Next up is the label design. I know its going to come out better than we can imagine. They always do.

Word from the party we brewed the orange hefe for is that everyone loved it and they are all gone. That’s the best we can hope for. Maybe some of them will end up coming to the site and checking out what else is going on.

Speaking of other goings on, this weekend we will be brewing the Hazelnut Espresso Porter and a nice Stout. The stout is for personal consumption and the porter is for a friend and owner of Zapow in beautiful Asheville, NC.

The Doc is in, bottles

The labels are on and The Doc Hefe is ready to go out the door. Once again our good friend James Ball has come up with a great design. Something we did a little different this time was order blank labels and do the printing ourselves. The cost to have someone else do it is pretty high. So in an effort to cut costs we have decided to do the printing from now on.

Now that the Hefe is done and ready to go we move onto the Socratic Method Imperial Pilsner. This will go into bottles tonight and we will get moving on label design and so forth.

There is possibly some HUGE news on the horizon. We will fill everyone in early next week. This is something you will want to hear, possibly. Hope everyone is well and having a great week. Take care. CHEERS!

Black Betty in a Bottle and More

I wanted to post a few pictures. First one is Black Betty. The sample you see is obviously not carbonated yet. It's got a great taste. Both the oak and bourbon (Bookers) come through cleanly. A month or two in bottles should mellow the oak just a bit. We are really excited about this beer.. It's all in bottles sitting in the dining room. Come on time, HURRY UP!!

There are two pictures from the crawfish boil back home in North Carolina. This party was being thrown by a member of the Atomic Donkey family. Look in the background and you might notice a very nice banner. Thanks again Ryan for all the swag! Word has it that the pilsner and IPA were both a hit.

The other picture is of one of the young workers at the brewery helping me pick some Cascades. He is a hard worker but gets easily distracted by things like bugs, a tree, anything that moves, etc..

Hope everyone is well. CHEERS from Atomic Donkey Brewing..

P.S. Good Beer Festival home brew competition is a go!! Waiting on word from the bjcp folks but it appears as thought the contest WILL be certified.