Socrates, Oak Soak, and more!

We wanted to update everyone on what’s currently happening at Atomic Donkey Brewing. We began the oaking of the Black Betty Oaked Bourbon Porter a few nights ago. We will be bottling this coming Tuesday. After that we will have another couple of months before the oak mellows enough.

The Socratic Method Imperial Pilsner is still sitting at 33 to 34 degrees. We pulled a sample Wednesday night. The taste is amazing. The beer is crystal clear and the abv sits at around 9.03%. We will be bottling this next weekend.

The labels for the Orange Hefe are almost done. The design has been completed, and it looks great. Now we just need to get them printed and on the bottles.

The party down in NC went very well from what I've heard. Lots of people were introduced to our beer. Rumor has it that most people really enjoyed it. A brother of Atomic Donkey Brewing, person who threw the party, surprised us with a number of gifts. Atomic Donkey Brewing banners, business cards, decals, and a sign for the truck. Incredibly nice gifts from a great friend. We will have pictures of everything up early next week.

The Battle of the Brews was lots of fun. Lots of work, but fun. I learned a lot working behind the scenes that I will carry over to the Good Beer Festival home brew competition this year. We don’t know our scores yet. Should be coming in the mail soon and we will post them, good or bad.

Hope everyone is well and having a great day. Here’s to an even better weekend. CHEERS!