Black Betty and Hefe! Plus Big News!

Last evening was spent working on nothing but beer related activities, as every evening should be. We got the Orange Hefe all bottled up and we transferred the Black Betty Oaked Bourbon Porter to the secondary. We switched bourbons from the makers 46 to the top of the line Bookers. Only the best for Atomic Donkey Brewery. The oak chips will be going in tonight. Everything went off without a hitch. The Hefe should carb quickly and nicely and be ready to drink in as little as a week. The sample I got was great. Nice hint of orange but not even close to stealing the spot light from the classic Weizen flavor. Abv came out at %6 on the nose. A nice little kick for a cool summer brew.

Aside from all the going ons within the brewery, we have some exciting news. Turns out that there will now be a home brew competition at this years Good Beer Festival. We did a lot of writing and emailing. I’m sure we have bothered more than one person. I'm not saying that it would not have happened anyways, but it is happening and that’s what counts. Whether or not its BJCP certified is yet to be seen. May have to skip that this year and apply for next year. An already great event just got better. Mark your calendar for the 13th and 14th of October. If you already have plans, cancel them. It’s going to be a great time.