Bottling Night is Upon Us

Tonight we will be bottling the Black Betty Oaked Bourbon Porter. This beauty will need to sit in the bottle and mellow for at least a couple of months. We are getting closer to trying this latest Atomic Donkey creation. Can’t wait.

This weekend we will be bottling the Socratic Method Imperial Pilsner. This beer tastes so good we hate to give it away. But we want to get the word out and this is one way to do it. Pictures of this and the Porter bottling will follow. Hope everyone’s week is going well. CHEERS!

Socrates, Oak Soak, and more!

We wanted to update everyone on what’s currently happening at Atomic Donkey Brewing. We began the oaking of the Black Betty Oaked Bourbon Porter a few nights ago. We will be bottling this coming Tuesday. After that we will have another couple of months before the oak mellows enough.

The Socratic Method Imperial Pilsner is still sitting at 33 to 34 degrees. We pulled a sample Wednesday night. The taste is amazing. The beer is crystal clear and the abv sits at around 9.03%. We will be bottling this next weekend.

The labels for the Orange Hefe are almost done. The design has been completed, and it looks great. Now we just need to get them printed and on the bottles.

The party down in NC went very well from what I've heard. Lots of people were introduced to our beer. Rumor has it that most people really enjoyed it. A brother of Atomic Donkey Brewing, person who threw the party, surprised us with a number of gifts. Atomic Donkey Brewing banners, business cards, decals, and a sign for the truck. Incredibly nice gifts from a great friend. We will have pictures of everything up early next week.

The Battle of the Brews was lots of fun. Lots of work, but fun. I learned a lot working behind the scenes that I will carry over to the Good Beer Festival home brew competition this year. We don’t know our scores yet. Should be coming in the mail soon and we will post them, good or bad.

Hope everyone is well and having a great day. Here’s to an even better weekend. CHEERS!

Black Betty and Hefe! Plus Big News!

Last evening was spent working on nothing but beer related activities, as every evening should be. We got the Orange Hefe all bottled up and we transferred the Black Betty Oaked Bourbon Porter to the secondary. We switched bourbons from the makers 46 to the top of the line Bookers. Only the best for Atomic Donkey Brewery. The oak chips will be going in tonight. Everything went off without a hitch. The Hefe should carb quickly and nicely and be ready to drink in as little as a week. The sample I got was great. Nice hint of orange but not even close to stealing the spot light from the classic Weizen flavor. Abv came out at %6 on the nose. A nice little kick for a cool summer brew.

Aside from all the going ons within the brewery, we have some exciting news. Turns out that there will now be a home brew competition at this years Good Beer Festival. We did a lot of writing and emailing. I’m sure we have bothered more than one person. I'm not saying that it would not have happened anyways, but it is happening and that’s what counts. Whether or not its BJCP certified is yet to be seen. May have to skip that this year and apply for next year. An already great event just got better. Mark your calendar for the 13th and 14th of October. If you already have plans, cancel them. It’s going to be a great time.


Just surpassed the 10,000 views number. Thank you to everyone that takes the time to stop by and see the goings on at Atomic Donkey Brewing.. We appreciate each and everyone one of you. CHEERS!!


On June 30th, I and the family had planned on leaving for the Chattanooga, Tn area. We had a 10am t-ball game and a 1pm birthday to get by first. Then around 5 we were going to head out and drive roughly half way before stopping at a hotel. Mother Nature had a different plan. Some of the worst storms in decades rolled through the areas from West Virginia all the way our place. While the brewery never once lost power millions of other people were not so lucky. All hotels were booked solid being as they were the only ones with power. So instead of rolling out Saturday evening we left on Sunday morning for what turned into a 14.5 hour drive.

For this post I will be focusing on the beer related portion of the trip. While Chattanooga is home to more than a few good breweries I was not able to make it to any due to family obligations. Had a blast in one of the towns I will always call home. The beer started to flow once we had reached the area around Asheville, NC. Our first stop was in the beautiful town of Hendersonville. It’s located about 25 minutes south of Asheville. The new Sierra Nevada Brewery will stand about 15 minutes from here. Needless to say, Hendersonville is in what appears to be the begining stages of a possible craft brew renaissance as well. We visited Southern Appalachian Brewery located seconds outside of downtown Hendersonville.

SA Brewery has a great feel to it. It’s an inside/outside type of establishment. There was some good music playing when I got there. I found a nice spot at the bar and ordered a flight. They currently produce six beers. I tried them all except for the IPA. All the beers were good. In my opinion the Pilsner and the Belgian Artisan were the standouts. We had to leave a bit earlier than we would have liked. Weather was not cooperating and the kiddies needed some sleep. I did take a growler of the artisan with me. It went down very well. The prices were very fair and according to their calendar, there are a lot of good bands playing the brewery in the near future. Southern Appalachian Brewery is very family friendly (pet friendly as well). There are things for the kids to do as well as the adults. If you are near Hendersonville, NC do not pass this place by. Pay them a visit; you will be glad you did.

We left Hendersonville and headed a few minutes up the road to the city of Asheville, NC. The number of things to do in and around Asheville is staggering. You could spend months there and not eat at every amazing restaurant, visit every unique art gallery, or drop into each pub/brewery. It really is a magical town with so much to offer. If you have never been to this city, you must take a trip.

We immediately road into the heart of downtown to meet up with a great friend and amazing person. Her and her two little ones joined our two little ones and the water started flying. Those kids spent a long time playing in the fountains and pools. This whole town is so kid and pet friendly its almost shocking. We hung out downtown and then went to a great noodle place for lunch. After that we headed back to our friends place and waited for her husband, my brother to arrive. He got there, said hello to us and gave his kids and wife a big hug, then it was off to Pisgah Brewing for some beer and good times.

Located 15 minutes or so outside of Asheville near Black Mountain, this little gem is well hidden to us out of town folk. The locals know right where it is of course. As with most things in this area, the atmosphere is very laid back and comfortable. There is a nice size bar inside and some picnic tables located outside. There is also a game room for the kids and a large stage and concert grounds that bring in some large acts. There were too many beers for this brain to recall. Everything was great. Just order the 7 sample flight and you will get just about everything. We even got a surprise visit from a friend we had not seen in years as well as his lovely lady friend. This place had the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to stay all night. Unfortunately that was not in the cards for us. We left after a few hours and headed off to see more family.

The final stop lasted a few days and we had an amazing time visiting the beautiful State Parks of North Carolina. We met some beautiful and inspiring people; some for the first time and others for the second. It was a great trip. While the road does seem long sometimes, what waits at the end is almost always worth it. In our case, it was most definitely so. Thank you to all the people that put up with us for the last 2 weeks. We love you all. CHEERS!

P.S. more pictures will follow once we get them.

We Are Back!!

After a long and amazing trip through Tennessee and Western NC we have returned. Post will follow tomorrow with a review of our trip. Included will be a review of Southern Appalachian Brewery and Pisgah Brewing as well as pictures of waterfalls and many other things. Be sure to check back in tomorrow evening! You will be glad you did..