I realize we stopped the Mule of the Month postings a while back. We were still working on where we wanted to take this blog. It's constantly changing. For instance, the brew giveaway. We have been informed that perhaps our brew giveaway is not the best idea for legal reasons. Needless to say, we are being educated as we go. Ok, back to the point of this post. This beer demanded that we say something about it in hopes that some of our readers would go out and find this beer and try it for themselves..

The Southern Tier Brewing Creme Brulle is simply put the best beer I have ever had the honor of tasting. This masterpiece checks in at 9.6%abv. The taste can only be described as perfection. It's like desert in a bottle. Serious vanilla taste mixed with chocolate. Incredibly smooth for an imperial brew. With the Creme Brulle title you would think you would be limited to one before you were filled to the brim. But this brew seems to go down easy and not take up much room. Its impressive all around in every aspect.

The Southern Tier crew has really outdone themselves this time. I've yet to have a bad beer from these guys and if this brew is any sign, this brewery has an extremely bright future ahead of them.