Orange Ya Glad You Read This?

That title is hilarious. It will all make sense soon.

This past Friday we received a call from a dear friend asking if we could do them a favor. We of course said yes. They have a special occasion coming up soon and were hoping we could come up with something for it. Well what we came up with was a nice light orange hefeweizen (title make sense now?). They wanted something that will go nicely in the August heat. It was short notice, but that's what we like. Once our dream is realized and we open our nice micro-brewery we will surely have times where we are rushed for whatever reason. It was the perfect test and so far so good. Yeast was pitched yesterday around 3 and this morning at 7 it was bubbling away. As stated in a previous post, we are going with blow off tubes on everything now. Learned that lesson too many times.

Also, we tested the gravity on the Socratic Method Imperial Pilsner and its at 1.017. That puts the abv right now at approx 8.6%. The taste was so good! Can not wait to try the final product. We will be transferring to a secondary in the next day or so and then dropping it to 34 degrees for the next couple months.

The Black Betty Oaked Bourbon Porter is done fermenting and is just hanging out for the next 2 weeks or so. We will then begin the oaking process and 6 days later will bottle this beauty. This one also has a great taste. A little chocolate and a lot delicious.

Times are good my friends. CHEERS!!