Dats a Spicey Pilsner!

Atomic Donkey staff has just brewed up our first Imperial Pilsner. It was a pretty easy brew day. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Well, that is until we took our gravity reading. Came out at a nice 1.082. If all goes as planned this little brew should come out around 9.42%. This beer is being brewed for a dear friend of the brewery and lead singer of the band Rapegoat. Amazing band. If you are into the heavier side of things check them out. You will be glad you did. Nightmares be damned! It’s not for the faint of heart.

We brewed this one with a teaspoon of grains of paradise, coriander, and 2 teaspoons of orange zest. We put a blowoff tube on this bad boy due to the anticipated extreme fermentation. We didn’t do this with the Porter we brewed recently and as the picture below shows, we should have. We made a yeast starter this time with twice the normal amount of yeast due to the high alcohol content. Sometimes you have you call in for backup. It’s sitting in the fridge at 54 degrees and will remain there for 2 weeks. After that we will be lagering for up to 3 months before bottling. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Hop Update: They're growing fast. CHEERS!

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