What a Jackass!

Wow, what a night! It was surely a long one but we accomplished what we set out to accomplish. The Jackass IPA is in bottles. Tomorrow night we will be bottling the Atomic Pilsner.

We started the night after 9pm and due to some other things going on, we didn't finish clean up till around 3. Truly a marathon bottling. Very soon we will begin the fridge conversion to a kegerator. Not soon enough though. We also have the hops growing at full speed right now. The Nuggets have reached the top of the twine. Approximately 13 foot high. Cascades are right on their heels. The Bourbon Porter Brew Day has been pushed back to next weekend. No worries though, we haven't drank all the Makers 46, yet. We are really looking forward to this brew. But first, the Atomic Pilsner tomorrow night.

More to come. Stay tuned friends. CHEERS!!