Just a few updates here. We transferred the Jackass IPA into secondary’s last night and will start the dry hopping tomorrow morning. We are going to use 4oz of Cascade pellets to dry hop. After six days we will be bottling. The gravity hasn’t moved in days. its sitting at 1.012 which is right where we wanted it. The Donkey Pils have been in bottles for 11 days or so. Opened one two nights ago and they are coming along nicely. Good amount of carbonation already. The taste was great. Coriander and orange peel come through perfectly but its still a nice easy to drink pilsner. A possible session brew. The Atomic Pilsner gravity has reached its goal of around 1.010. We dropped the temp from 52 to 40 a few days ago. This will help give the pilsner that nice crystal clear look. We will be bottling this one in about 2 weeks or so. Pictures will of course accompany