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The Atomic Donkey staff just returned from a short vacation to the Outer Banks. We had a great time. Weather was beautiful. Got in some family time, beach time, golf time, friend time, and even a bit of drinking time.

There was one thing on our minds while we were gone. Starting the dry hopping process on our Jackass IPA. So as soon as we returned to the brewery yesterday we headed inside and did just that. We added 2 ounces of Cascade pellets and 2 ounces of homegrown whole Cascades. Then we gave it a good shake and we were done. 6 days from now we will transfer out of the carboy and into bottles to begin the carbonation phase. Things are right on schedule. We also turned the temp down on the Atomic Pilsner to 36f. Another week or so and this to will be going into bottles.

Speaking of bottles, what better to do after a long drive and a brew transfer then sampling some of your previous hard work? We stuck two of the Donkey Pils in the fridge and let them chill for a number of hours. Around 9pm we opened the first one and were greeted with the nice hiss that you hope to hear. The carbonation may have just a little farther to go but not much. This brew is perfect for the summertime heat. It’s not heavy but has a great mouth feel and flavor. Everyone will be more than satisfied with this one we are sure.

Our first contest question will be posted soon. We want to get this brew out there to the masses as soon as possible. Well, since there are only 48 of these I guess masses would be the wrong word. You get the idea though. Hope you all had a great weekend and are starting this week off just the same. CHEERS!

Homegrown Cascades

Love the feeling of Dry Hopping

Hop vines are around 10ft tall

A delicious Donkey Pils