Hops, Hops, and more Hops

I wanted to post some pictures of the hop progress. Both the Cascade and Nugget have reached the top of the trellis and then some. They are reaching for the sky right now. Already have a lot of cones starting to pop up as well. Chinook have not done much but wasn’t expecting them to as this is the first year. Enjoy the pictures.

Also, we are FINALLY brewing the robust porter this weekend that we will be using in our Oaked Bourbon Porter. We will be brewing an Imperial Pilsner as well. Pictures and posts will follow of course.

More Wedding Brew Photos

Thanks to Brad for sending these to me. Not much else to say. Enjoy the photos.

Competition Time

Home brew contests are a great way to measure how close you are to nailing a particular style. You could make the best beer anyone has ever tried, but if it is entered as an American Pilsner and it doesn’t fit that description almost precisely, you wont score well. We keep that in mind when it comes to any competition. A bad score doesn’t mean its a bad beer. That being said, we have entered 4 different brews into this years Battle of the Brews at the Delaware State Fair.

We entered a Northern German Altbier, Classic American Pilsner, Bohemian Pilsner, and an American IPA. We are not expecting any miracles. Just a fun day of drinking with fellow brewers. If we walk away with a ribbon, we will be thrilled. Wish us luck. CHEERS!

What a Jackass!

Wow, what a night! It was surely a long one but we accomplished what we set out to accomplish. The Jackass IPA is in bottles. Tomorrow night we will be bottling the Atomic Pilsner.

We started the night after 9pm and due to some other things going on, we didn't finish clean up till around 3. Truly a marathon bottling. Very soon we will begin the fridge conversion to a kegerator. Not soon enough though. We also have the hops growing at full speed right now. The Nuggets have reached the top of the twine. Approximately 13 foot high. Cascades are right on their heels. The Bourbon Porter Brew Day has been pushed back to next weekend. No worries though, we haven't drank all the Makers 46, yet. We are really looking forward to this brew. But first, the Atomic Pilsner tomorrow night.

More to come. Stay tuned friends. CHEERS!!

Bottling Night!

Hello again friends. We apologize for the slackness lately. There has been a lot going on and we haven’t had time to get on the blog. But don’t worry, things are moving right along.

Tonight we will be bottling the Jackass IPA. We had planned to do this last night but due to a shortness of bottle caps we were not able. So, the caps will be here this afternoon and the bottling will begin tonight. We have 100 bottles to get filled. And then we will do it all again tomorrow night with the Atomic Pilsner. That’s 200 bottles in 2 nights. Sleep will be in short supply. Not that there is a lot of it around these days anyhow.

So, stay tuned and read away. Contest for a sample pack will begin early next week. CHEERS!

Updates Updates

The Atomic Donkey staff just returned from a short vacation to the Outer Banks. We had a great time. Weather was beautiful. Got in some family time, beach time, golf time, friend time, and even a bit of drinking time.

There was one thing on our minds while we were gone. Starting the dry hopping process on our Jackass IPA. So as soon as we returned to the brewery yesterday we headed inside and did just that. We added 2 ounces of Cascade pellets and 2 ounces of homegrown whole Cascades. Then we gave it a good shake and we were done. 6 days from now we will transfer out of the carboy and into bottles to begin the carbonation phase. Things are right on schedule. We also turned the temp down on the Atomic Pilsner to 36f. Another week or so and this to will be going into bottles.

Speaking of bottles, what better to do after a long drive and a brew transfer then sampling some of your previous hard work? We stuck two of the Donkey Pils in the fridge and let them chill for a number of hours. Around 9pm we opened the first one and were greeted with the nice hiss that you hope to hear. The carbonation may have just a little farther to go but not much. This brew is perfect for the summertime heat. It’s not heavy but has a great mouth feel and flavor. Everyone will be more than satisfied with this one we are sure.

Our first contest question will be posted soon. We want to get this brew out there to the masses as soon as possible. Well, since there are only 48 of these I guess masses would be the wrong word. You get the idea though. Hope you all had a great weekend and are starting this week off just the same. CHEERS!

Homegrown Cascades

Love the feeling of Dry Hopping

Hop vines are around 10ft tall

A delicious Donkey Pils


Just a few updates here. We transferred the Jackass IPA into secondary’s last night and will start the dry hopping tomorrow morning. We are going to use 4oz of Cascade pellets to dry hop. After six days we will be bottling. The gravity hasn’t moved in days. its sitting at 1.012 which is right where we wanted it. The Donkey Pils have been in bottles for 11 days or so. Opened one two nights ago and they are coming along nicely. Good amount of carbonation already. The taste was great. Coriander and orange peel come through perfectly but its still a nice easy to drink pilsner. A possible session brew. The Atomic Pilsner gravity has reached its goal of around 1.010. We dropped the temp from 52 to 40 a few days ago. This will help give the pilsner that nice crystal clear look. We will be bottling this one in about 2 weeks or so. Pictures will of course accompany