My Pils and Camera Problems

No no, its not what you're thinking. I was just trying to take some pictures of my Pils with the camera. Well the camera decided it needed to erase all the pictures on the memory card. So, we will need to take some more tomorrow and then we will finally have the post up with some pictures of the Donkey Pils. The main problem is that the pictures of the wedding brew tasting were on the card. Oh well. The brews were great. I will have some pictures up of the wedding brews with the labels on them. Labels will be ready tomorrow. So we anticipate having all 100 labels on by mid next week.

I just finished testing/tasting the Donkey Pils. The gravity is at 1.016 which is on the high end for this style. It still has a few more days and I'm sure it will come down some. The taste is great. So far we are very happy with this brew. Again, pictures will be posted once we have worked out the camera issues. So hold on and please be patient. CHEERS!!