Gravity Check

Things have been pretty busy so far this year at Atomic Donkey. We had our debut at the Robert's Wedding which went very well. We just brewed up another 20 gallons for an upcoming event in North Carolina. We have barely had enough time to brew anything for ourselves. But we love every second of it and as demand grows we will be sure to meet it head on. Last night we did a check on the gravity of the 10 gallons of Jackass IPA. It is sitting at 1.015 which it still just a little bit high. Another few days and we will begin the dry hopping. Tonight we will be checking in on the Atomic Pilsner. It's looking mighty nice in cold storage right now. Also, we got the Donkey Pils bottle late last week. I was lucky enough to get to try a bit and all I can say is job well done. This is one delicious beer. The coriander is the perfect mate for the orange peel in this brew! Both blended better than we had hoped. The perfect summertime refreshment, if summer ever arrives. It looks like we will hold our first drawing/contest for a sample pack in a few weeks. Want to give the Donkey Pils a solid 4 weeks to carbonate. We will keep you up to date as always. Take care of yourselves and others. CHEERS!!

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