Doctor Said I Need a Backiotomy

One of two 5 gallon carboys full of Jackass IPA

Good Monday Morning to all you loyal Atomic Donkey fans. So yesterday we whipped up the first of two batches for the upcoming company party in North Carolina. It was a 10 gallon batch which is where the title of this post comes from. My back is very unhappy this morning along with the area on my chest where I spilled 180 degree water. Oh well, its all part of the experience. This was the third time we have brewed this IPA. The first two turned out great as I’m sure this one will. We hit our target gravity at 1.057. It’s bubbling already this morning. I will have to make sure I keep it around 70 degrees. That’s not as easy due to the warm temps we are currently experiencing. We will make it happen though.

Next up this week is the other ten gallon batch. This will be the Atomic Pilsner we brewed last summer. It’s the perfect summertime brew and should fit perfectly with those July temps in NC. So, stay tuned for another posting this week or weekend. I may be very sore this morning, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. CHEERS!!

Chicken, onion, garlic, and Atomically Red Ale all cooking nicely. This turned out amazing