Beer Beer Everywhere!

In the Process of Sparging

These last few days have been busy ones at the brewery. As you all know we brewed 10 gallons of the legendary Jackass IPA this past Sunday for an upcoming gathering in North Carolina. Well, we needed 10 more gallons to fill the order. So yesterday we brewed 10 gallons of the delicious Atomic Pilsner. It was smooth going from beginning to end.

We cranked on the burners a little after 9am and were done with cleanup by 3:30 to 4pm. There were no incidents to speak of. We are continuing to stream line the process with the new brew rig. It has certainly made things a lot easier. Once we get our pump in, the process will be even faster without having to sacrifice the quality Atomic Donkey Brewing is known for.

We now have 25 gallons of brew in different stages throughout the brewery. The 5 gallons of Donkey Pils is ready to be bottled. The taste is amazing. The coriander comes through very nicely. Not overpowering at all but enough that you know it's there. The orange peel tops this brew off perfectly. Can't wait till it's ready to drink. The 10 gallons of Jackass IPA is nearing the end of fermentation. Another week or so and we will be ready to start the dry hopping on this brew. The 10 gallons of Atomic Pilsner were just starting to show activity in the air lock this morning. Also, the Atomic Donkey Hop Garden is in full swing. The Chinooks were a little behind but are catching up quickly to the Cascade and Nugget. Trellis went up yesterday and we will run our lines later this evening.

This weekend is THE wedding. The report from the soon to be bride and groom is that the Double Chocolate Stout and Belgian Strong are incredible. "These are some of the best beers we have ever had." That's the review. Can't wait for the wedding day to get here. One, we have a best friend marrying and incredible woman so we are very happy for both of them. Two, there will be a lot of new people trying our brew. There is a lot of excitement around here these days. The activity at the brewery is picking up substantially. We are busy and we are loving it. Take care of yourselves and others. CHEERS!!

Atomic Pilsner starting its long chill

Sunset behind the hop trellis at Atomic Donkey Brewing