Congratulations to the home brewers of Alabama. HB354 passed the Alabama house yesterday with a vote of 44 to 33. This legalized the brewing at home of up to 60 gallons of beer/wine a year. It still has to pass the Senate and governors office, but all indications are that it will. It’s been a long time coming. Get to brewing my friends. Come on Mississippi. You're all thats left.

UPDATE: HB354 died at midnight last night (5/16/12) due to the Senate adjourning without getting to the bill. Well, maybe next time Bama. Maybe next time.

Update: Next Recipe

We have put a lot of thought into this one. We wanted to do something we haven’t done before. So Atomic Donkey will be combining 3 of our favorite things. Good bourbon (Makers 46), a nice porter, and oak. Next up will be an Oaked Bourbon Porter. We have the oak already and will be picking up the bourbon this evening. Just have to get the porter recipe together. So perhaps this will be our National Homebrew Day brew. Recipe will be posted as soon as we are done with it. Stay tuned, this one is going to be special. CHEERS!

Gravity Check

Things have been pretty busy so far this year at Atomic Donkey. We had our debut at the Robert's Wedding which went very well. We just brewed up another 20 gallons for an upcoming event in North Carolina. We have barely had enough time to brew anything for ourselves. But we love every second of it and as demand grows we will be sure to meet it head on. Last night we did a check on the gravity of the 10 gallons of Jackass IPA. It is sitting at 1.015 which it still just a little bit high. Another few days and we will begin the dry hopping. Tonight we will be checking in on the Atomic Pilsner. It's looking mighty nice in cold storage right now. Also, we got the Donkey Pils bottle late last week. I was lucky enough to get to try a bit and all I can say is job well done. This is one delicious beer. The coriander is the perfect mate for the orange peel in this brew! Both blended better than we had hoped. The perfect summertime refreshment, if summer ever arrives. It looks like we will hold our first drawing/contest for a sample pack in a few weeks. Want to give the Donkey Pils a solid 4 weeks to carbonate. We will keep you up to date as always. Take care of yourselves and others. CHEERS!!

The Big Day!

Well yesterday was the big day. Brad and Jenny tied the knot in what I'm sure was a beautiful ceremony. The weather was great and there were lots of good people drinking what was reported to be good beer. I would have loved to have been there. Some friends of Atomic Donkey were kind enough to send some photos from the reception. I wanted to share those with you. There will be more as they come in. A big thank you and Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. Here's to a long life of happiness. CHEERS!

Hop Trellis is Up

Finally got the posts in the ground yesterday and the plants were very happy. They must have grown a foot yesterday. Give them something to climb and they will. The Cascade (center) and the Nugget (Right) have taken off. The Chinook (Left) are lagging behind but this is their first season so it’s to be expected. We can't wait to get some of these delicious hops in our brew.

Also, we will be bottling the Donkey Pils tonight. After everyone is bottled up we will be placing them in the fridge for a few weeks of cold conditioning. This brew is amazing. We are not exaggerating. Our first Atomic Donkey Blog contest is not far off. Just need a few more brews to include in the prize pack. Stay tuned! Have a great weekend everyone! CHEERS!!

Beer Beer Everywhere!

In the Process of Sparging

These last few days have been busy ones at the brewery. As you all know we brewed 10 gallons of the legendary Jackass IPA this past Sunday for an upcoming gathering in North Carolina. Well, we needed 10 more gallons to fill the order. So yesterday we brewed 10 gallons of the delicious Atomic Pilsner. It was smooth going from beginning to end.

We cranked on the burners a little after 9am and were done with cleanup by 3:30 to 4pm. There were no incidents to speak of. We are continuing to stream line the process with the new brew rig. It has certainly made things a lot easier. Once we get our pump in, the process will be even faster without having to sacrifice the quality Atomic Donkey Brewing is known for.

We now have 25 gallons of brew in different stages throughout the brewery. The 5 gallons of Donkey Pils is ready to be bottled. The taste is amazing. The coriander comes through very nicely. Not overpowering at all but enough that you know it's there. The orange peel tops this brew off perfectly. Can't wait till it's ready to drink. The 10 gallons of Jackass IPA is nearing the end of fermentation. Another week or so and we will be ready to start the dry hopping on this brew. The 10 gallons of Atomic Pilsner were just starting to show activity in the air lock this morning. Also, the Atomic Donkey Hop Garden is in full swing. The Chinooks were a little behind but are catching up quickly to the Cascade and Nugget. Trellis went up yesterday and we will run our lines later this evening.

This weekend is THE wedding. The report from the soon to be bride and groom is that the Double Chocolate Stout and Belgian Strong are incredible. "These are some of the best beers we have ever had." That's the review. Can't wait for the wedding day to get here. One, we have a best friend marrying and incredible woman so we are very happy for both of them. Two, there will be a lot of new people trying our brew. There is a lot of excitement around here these days. The activity at the brewery is picking up substantially. We are busy and we are loving it. Take care of yourselves and others. CHEERS!!

Atomic Pilsner starting its long chill

Sunset behind the hop trellis at Atomic Donkey Brewing

Doctor Said I Need a Backiotomy

One of two 5 gallon carboys full of Jackass IPA

Good Monday Morning to all you loyal Atomic Donkey fans. So yesterday we whipped up the first of two batches for the upcoming company party in North Carolina. It was a 10 gallon batch which is where the title of this post comes from. My back is very unhappy this morning along with the area on my chest where I spilled 180 degree water. Oh well, its all part of the experience. This was the third time we have brewed this IPA. The first two turned out great as I’m sure this one will. We hit our target gravity at 1.057. It’s bubbling already this morning. I will have to make sure I keep it around 70 degrees. That’s not as easy due to the warm temps we are currently experiencing. We will make it happen though.

Next up this week is the other ten gallon batch. This will be the Atomic Pilsner we brewed last summer. It’s the perfect summertime brew and should fit perfectly with those July temps in NC. So, stay tuned for another posting this week or weekend. I may be very sore this morning, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. CHEERS!!

Chicken, onion, garlic, and Atomically Red Ale all cooking nicely. This turned out amazing

Upcoming Brews

A quick update on the photos I was promising of the wedding brews. The brews were shipped out before I had a chance to get some better pictures. I hope to get some from the wedding but I’m not sure that will happen so the camera phone pics that are already up may be all you get to see. I promise you they look incredible. We are very proud of those brews and the way everything came together.

We have decided on two brews for the upcoming North Carolina party in July. We are going with an Imperial Pilsner(Big Donkey Pils) and an IPA(Jackass IPA). This will be our first Imperial Pilsner. If all goes according to plan it will come out around 9.3%abv. That will get things going at any party. If the Jackass IPA sounds familiar that’s because this will be the 3rd time we have brewed it. The last batch was incredible. We will be brewing 10 gallons of each. Two perfect summertime brews. And if you have spent half as much time in Carolina as we have, you know that July in NC can be HOT HOT. So grab one of these Atomic Donkey creations and cool down. We hope to be brewing this Sunday. As always, we will keep you up to date. CHEERS!!

Labels Labels Labels..

After long nights of cutting, peeling, and sticking, the labels are finally on the bottles. The brew is ready to go. It’s been a fun project and we have learned a lot. We have also made some good contacts for future labeling endeavors’. The bottles will be making a trip down to North Carolina today and from there to the future bride and groom. Thanks again to them for this opportunity and thank you to all of you for coming along on this adventure.

Up next is another order for several hundred brews. We will be starting that project sometime this week. The Donkey Pils is coming along nicely. We will be raising the temp 1 degree every 12 hours for the next week or so, starting today. The blog contest for the sample pack will also begin soon. We needed to make sure we had enough inventory to fill a 6 pack.

Hope everyone’s Easter Break was nice and long. As expected (and hoped), things are picking up here by the week. Stay tuned. CHEERS!!

Labels Are In

Love how these turned out. Now we will be cutting, peeling, and sticking all weekend. This is how I can tell how much I love brewing and everything that comes with it. I'm looking forward to doing this. We will be posting pictures of the finished product as soon as they are done. Hope everyone has an amazing Easter weekend. Take care of each other. CHEERS!!

Update: Blogger seems to be lacking in its picture posting skills today. I will get a picture up this evening.

My Pils and Camera Problems

No no, its not what you're thinking. I was just trying to take some pictures of my Pils with the camera. Well the camera decided it needed to erase all the pictures on the memory card. So, we will need to take some more tomorrow and then we will finally have the post up with some pictures of the Donkey Pils. The main problem is that the pictures of the wedding brew tasting were on the card. Oh well. The brews were great. I will have some pictures up of the wedding brews with the labels on them. Labels will be ready tomorrow. So we anticipate having all 100 labels on by mid next week.

I just finished testing/tasting the Donkey Pils. The gravity is at 1.016 which is on the high end for this style. It still has a few more days and I'm sure it will come down some. The taste is great. So far we are very happy with this brew. Again, pictures will be posted once we have worked out the camera issues. So hold on and please be patient. CHEERS!!

Tasting Night!

That's right folks. It's tasting night. We will be cracking open one of each of the wedding brews (Double Chocolate Stout, Strong Belgian Ale). We need to make sure the carbonation is on track and that the taste is as good as we had hoped. We will have an update for you along with pictures as soon as we are done with both. CHEERS!