Take a look at my Pils....

Wipe that drool off your chin

Today was the day. The brew rig made its way to the brewery yesterday and all us here at Atomic Donkey couldn't wait to see this thing in action.Well it didn't disappoint. A big thank you to Mr. Pate for putting this baby together for us. We couldn't be happier. 

So we turned on the burner around 10 am this morning. These low pressure burners are very impressive. The water heated to 168 in 10 mins or so. We mashed in at around 148 and held it there for 30 mins before pulling the 1st decoction. The we heated it to about 158 for 10 mins. Then we poured it back in and pulled decoction number 2 immediately. Heated to a boil for the remaining 30 mins of the mash. Poured back in and drained the mash. Then batch sparged. 

Next was the boil. 90 mins long. Added hops at 60 mins, 30 mins, and 10 mins. Then added coriander and orange peel with 5 mins left in the boil. We hit an original gravity of 1.059. Within the style range for this Pilsner. We had help once again from our friend at Crooked Oak Brewery and would like to say thank you. We would also like to thank the family that came up and allowed this to happen. A big thanks to you all. Enjoyed some great beer while we whipped up this batch as well.

It was a great day here at Atomic Donkey. It took a lot of people helping us out to get us to this day. Thank you to everyone I named and the ones that I forgot. There is nothing more fun than brewing beer. Nothing we want to do more. And we want it to be the best it can be. Without the help of all these people, that wouldn't be possible. So here's to great friends and great beer. CHEERS!!

We have fire

Decoction 1

Check out my Pils. Gigidy

Hops are growing quickly!!