Oh Happy Day!! Brew Rig Update!!

We are one Happy Atomic Donkey! 

            I have just spoken with brew rig designer extraordinaire Pate Matthews and he said everything is done. We will be taking our mash tun over to his shop this weekend to make sure the burners are at a good distance from the bottom of the tun and brew pot. I'm still in need of some 1 & 3/8 inch casters. We can bring it back to the brewery now and then put those on when I have acquired them. So if anyone knows of a place to find these at a good price please let us know.

           In other news, the wedding brews are sitting comfortably in the brewery at 68 degrees doing their thing. I can't believe there were 50 on the nose of each brew. That's great because it was our target, but it leaves none for us!! But thanks to the magic of BeerSmith, previous article plug, we can recreate this recipe for our own enjoyment. We plan to do so after the Pilsner that will be brewed this weekend. We are going to start posting recipes beginning with this batch. I can tell you now that this one involves coriander, lemon zest, and grains of paradise. This will be the summertime brew you have always wanted..

           The staff here at AD have been brainstorming on a way to get our brew out there. One idea that has been floated is having some kind of contest in which the winner will get a sample pack of Atomic Donkey Brew. Once the rig is back at the brewery we will be on a 10 gallon batch frenzy so there will be plenty to go around. Please vote in the poll and let us know if this is something you would be interested in. Thank you as always for reading and participating in this adventure that just keeps getting better every day. CHEERS!!