Now that was a looooooong night!

So the bottling night started well enough. I had every cleaned and sanitized by 9pm. Mixed in the dextrose around 9:30 and we are ready to go. Wait, whats that sound? Oh, the baby is awake. no problem right? Just feed her a bit and put her back to bed. Not this time friends. Our little Atomic one was up till 3:30am. During this time I would bottle some and then have to stop, then bottle again, then stop. The bottles were filled and the clean up was done at 2am. But the night was still young. Another 1.5 hours of baby fun. But the bottling did go extremely well. Hit the 50 bottle mark on the nose with barely a half bottle left, which got drank around 2am. The taste of this beer is incredible. These two, stout and Belgian, may be the best things to come out of the Atomic Donkey Brewery to date. We cant wait to get the labels in so we can get these things done. The stout is going into bottle this Saturday after the chocolate festival. Yes, a chocolate festival. SWMBO would not miss it for the world.

To summarize, bottling went well, the night, not so much. Bottles are sitting in a dark room at 68 degrees getting ready for the big day. I will have some pictures of both processes after the bottling on Saturday. Take care everyone. CHEERS!

Before the bottling started, and after the baby finally went to sleep.

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