Brew Rig Update!!

The Atomic Brew Rig is pretty much done. Still have found any scaffolding casters for a reasonable price. Once we have those, this baby will be mobile. I will grind and then paint it once its back at the brewery. Mr. Pate has done a fantastic job on this thing. The burners being set on a swivel was an ingenious idea. We foresee many joint brew sessions with our friends. We have the capacity to get 6 half kegs on this baby at once. Only thing left to do is cut the swivel and move the burners a few inches closer to the bottom of the kegs. After that it will be on its way back to the brewery for a few finishing touches. Hope everyone is doing great on this 74 degree winter day.. CHEERS!!

Room for expansion.

Adding wood sheet to the bottom with holes cut in it to hold the tanks.

The burners swivel from one side to the other on the metal sheet you see here. 3 holes are drilled into the metal and the burners legs rest in it.