A Day Late

Ok, so once again the staff here at Atomic Donkey were fighting illness yesterday in the form of some wicked sinus congestion and an almost complete loss of voice. Luckily I don't need my voice to type.

So yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of our blog. We weren't sure when we started this thing how long we would stick with it or if we would have enough interest from others to keep it going. We have been most pleasantly surprised by the amount of traffic we have gotten and the interest people are showing. There is no stopping us now.

Speaking of not slowing down, the brew rig build is in full swing. The rig is going to have the option of expansion whenever we have enough gear to necessitate it. Each side can hold 3 half barrel kegs such as the one we have already converted. The burners will be mounted on a swivel that will allow them to be swung from one side of the rig to the other. For now we will run the gas directly from the tanks to the burners. In the near future a gas line will be installed running the length of the rig with a tank on one end. Then the lines to the burners will be quick connected to the main line. The rig designer has opted for angle iron as the top of the rig. This is where the kegs will sit. For the supports we are using old scaffolding. The wheels slide right into the bottom of the scaffolding. This will make things much easier for everyone. Pictures are show below.

So, thank you everyone for reading and coming along on this journey with us. We owe you so much.Topics to look for in the near future include copyrights, increased brewing, wild yeast adventure, co-brew sessions, and much much more. Oh yeah, and soon we will have our first contest. The prize will be a variety pack of Atomic Donkey Brew. Take care everyone and again, thank you all. CHEERS!!

 You can see the spots for the 3 kegs on the right. Left side will look the same.

 This is one of the keg holding areas.

Another shot. We will have updates very shortly