Bottling the Knot Tying Brew

So after hours of soaking bottle and then removing labels, and then removing the adhesive, and then drip drying, we are ready to bottle the Strong Belgian Jenny tonight. This will give the brew over 7 weeks to get into shape and ready for consumption before the big day. We can't wait! Also, we should be getting the Atomic Donkey wedding labels in very soon. We are looking very forward to seeing these for the first time. These are exciting times here at the brewery! The Double Chocolate Brad will be in bottles by Saturday giving it exactly 7 weeks to carb up. Plenty of time. We will have some picks up tomorrow of the finished product. Hope there is a little bit extra to keep here in our collection or possibly enter in a contest later this year. These two are award winners guaranteed!

We will be picking up some more ingredients on Saturday for another brew. Not sure yet what we are going to go with this time. Running some recipe ideas by Beersmith this week. Whatever it is, it will be very good. The brew rig is coming along nicely. All the burners are in and at the shop ready for installation. We will of course keep you all up to date and have pictures up as soon as we can. Take care everyone. Spring is just around the corner which means the brewing is about to pick up 10 fold! CHEERS!!