Bottling the Knot Tying Brew

So after hours of soaking bottle and then removing labels, and then removing the adhesive, and then drip drying, we are ready to bottle the Strong Belgian Jenny tonight. This will give the brew over 7 weeks to get into shape and ready for consumption before the big day. We can't wait! Also, we should be getting the Atomic Donkey wedding labels in very soon. We are looking very forward to seeing these for the first time. These are exciting times here at the brewery! The Double Chocolate Brad will be in bottles by Saturday giving it exactly 7 weeks to carb up. Plenty of time. We will have some picks up tomorrow of the finished product. Hope there is a little bit extra to keep here in our collection or possibly enter in a contest later this year. These two are award winners guaranteed!

We will be picking up some more ingredients on Saturday for another brew. Not sure yet what we are going to go with this time. Running some recipe ideas by Beersmith this week. Whatever it is, it will be very good. The brew rig is coming along nicely. All the burners are in and at the shop ready for installation. We will of course keep you all up to date and have pictures up as soon as we can. Take care everyone. Spring is just around the corner which means the brewing is about to pick up 10 fold! CHEERS!!

A Day Late

Ok, so once again the staff here at Atomic Donkey were fighting illness yesterday in the form of some wicked sinus congestion and an almost complete loss of voice. Luckily I don't need my voice to type.

So yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of our blog. We weren't sure when we started this thing how long we would stick with it or if we would have enough interest from others to keep it going. We have been most pleasantly surprised by the amount of traffic we have gotten and the interest people are showing. There is no stopping us now.

Speaking of not slowing down, the brew rig build is in full swing. The rig is going to have the option of expansion whenever we have enough gear to necessitate it. Each side can hold 3 half barrel kegs such as the one we have already converted. The burners will be mounted on a swivel that will allow them to be swung from one side of the rig to the other. For now we will run the gas directly from the tanks to the burners. In the near future a gas line will be installed running the length of the rig with a tank on one end. Then the lines to the burners will be quick connected to the main line. The rig designer has opted for angle iron as the top of the rig. This is where the kegs will sit. For the supports we are using old scaffolding. The wheels slide right into the bottom of the scaffolding. This will make things much easier for everyone. Pictures are show below.

So, thank you everyone for reading and coming along on this journey with us. We owe you so much.Topics to look for in the near future include copyrights, increased brewing, wild yeast adventure, co-brew sessions, and much much more. Oh yeah, and soon we will have our first contest. The prize will be a variety pack of Atomic Donkey Brew. Take care everyone and again, thank you all. CHEERS!!

 You can see the spots for the 3 kegs on the right. Left side will look the same.

 This is one of the keg holding areas.

Another shot. We will have updates very shortly


Good afternoon all you Atomic Donkey Friends and Family. Tomorrow is a big day for us here at the brewery. Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of this blog. It's hard to believe we have been blogging for a year already. Guess time flys when you  are doing something you love. We are thrilled beyond description to have you all following us and checking in to see the goings on around the brewery. We look forward to having you all along for the wild ride thats sure to come.

Speaking of what's going on. We will be posting some pictures of the progress of the brew rig. It's coming along nicely and should be done pretty soon. There was a minor set back with a gas valve. But don't worry, the part is on the way and the work will commence immediately upon arrival.

We look forward to another year of postings and hopefully bringing even more friends on board. The pace is really picking up around here. Who knows where we will be this time next year. I can tell you this. Things will be even bigger and even better. Sky's the limit when you love and are passionate about something. And we here at Atomic Donkey Brewing are certainly that.

Getting Ready to Roll

Ok ok, it wont look anything like this.

All the parts are in, minus casters, and the welding will begin soon. Don't have an estimate yet on the expected finishing date but the plans are laid out and this thing is going to be sweet. We are going with a double sided design with the burners on swivels. This will allow for more capacity. We can also have some friends over to brew on one side of the rig while we brew on the other. Its going to be lots of fun. Pictures will be up as the process moves along.

The Results Are In

Last night I took a gravity reading from both the Double Chocolate Brad and the Strong Belgian Jenny. Both are in the ballpark of what the final gravity should be. I'm going to transfer the Belgian to a secondary to allow it to clear up some and then cold condition it for a few weeks. I am going to leave the Stout on the yeast cake for another 2 weeks or so then bottle. Took a taste of the sample I used and they both taste great. Looks like that crazy fermentation has payed off.Hope everyone has a great Thursday. CHEERS!

So Thirsty!!

The activity in the airlocks on both the Double Chocolate Stout and Belgian Strong just stopped. Although a bubbling airlock or lack there of is not necessarily a sign of fermentation, I've never had an airlock bubble for this long. I'm going to take a gravity reading from each one tonight and see where we are at. I'm really excited to see what reading I get. I will post the results as soon as I have them. CHEERS!